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Customer due diligence

ArCoin Ethereum Contracts and Standard

The contract address for ArCoin is 0x252739487C1fa66eaeaE7CED41d6358aB2a6bCa9

You can view details of ArCoin’s contract and transactions by reviewing ArCoin’s etherscan

ArCoin runs on the DS protocol on Ethereum. Specifics on this standard can be found at 

Identifying ArCoin Correctly

ArCoin can be identified by the token ticker RCOIN. 

Purchasing Questions

Overview of the ArCoin Investment Process

Before purchasing ArCoin investors should read our FAQs and prospectus to better understand the requirements and processes of ArCoin and being an ArCoin holder.

To purchase ArCoin you will need to make an account in the Arca Labs Investment Dashboard. The following is a high level overview of the ArCoin purchasing process.

1. Create an ArCoin account in the portal.

2. Complete KYC/AML identity verification as directed on the home screen.

3. Wait for an email confirming identity verification (average time for verification is a few minutes but can take up to three days).

4. Enter a compatible ETH wallet where your tokens can be minted. 

5. Navigate to the investments page and select ArCoin. Enter the amount of ArCoin in USD you would like to purchase.

6. Complete a wire or ACH following the instructions provided in the portal, see below for more information on wires/ACH. Expect this process to take a few business days.

What currencies can I use to purchase ArCoin?

You can use U.S. Dollars to purchase ArCoin. If you are buying ArCoin directly from another ArCoin holder, you can use any currency (digital or fiat) agreed upon by both parties. If you are a client of Signature Bank, you can also purchase ArCoin using Signet.

How long does the entire purchasing process take?

The length of time between beginning the ArCoin purchasing process and receiving your ArCoin depends mainly on how quickly you move through the purchasing steps. Typically, this timeframe falls within a 2-4 business day range from initial account opening to ArCoin minting. That being said, there are two processes in the purchasing flow which will require patience and may vary your ArCoin receipt timeline.

1. The steps in the purchasing flow before the wire/ACH normally take just a day to complete. This section contains investor information needed to mint ArCoin. Note that on average, KYC/AML verification is very short but may take between 1-3 business days to complete. 

2. Once the above is completed, the next step in the purchasing process is sending the wire/ACH. This process will typically take 1 business day but varies in speed depending on your bank. See “what happens after my wire/ACH is sent” for more details.

How do I complete a wire/ACH?

1. Select a compatible wallet for custody: the wallet you created or selected will be empty as the transfer of funds has not yet occurred. Note that ArCoin's custody partners can be found on the home page. There may be wallets not listed that support ERC tokens. Please check with your wallet provider if you have questions about compatibility.

2. Complete an ACH or wire transfer: contact your bank or find its “how to complete a wire” help page. For ACHs, some applications are not supported by our receiving bank, Signature Bank, so please check before sending your ACH. The ACH or wire forms (which your bank will provide) can be filled out using the credentials found within the specific offering’s investment page.

What happens after my wire/ACH is sent?

Investors whose wires are received before close of market (4pm ET) typically see ArCoin minted in their wallet at 5pm ET. Close of market is when the net asset value (NAV) of the Fund is calculated by the Fund's administrator. Arrival of ArCoin into your wallet is also contingent on ETH gas charges (transaction fees). Gas prices on the Ethereum blockchain have been unusually high as of late and thus may slow the process of ArCoin being minted into your account. If this is the case, know that the ArCoin are in route, just the delivery is slowed.

How do I transfer ArCoin and does the receiving wallet need to be whitelisted?

In order to transfer ArCoin peer-to-peer, the receiving wallet must be whitelisted. This means the owner of the wallet has gone through KYC/AML in the Arca Labs Dashboard.

Whitelisting a wallet: to whitelist a wallet, please fill out your “investor information.” This call to action can be found on the homepage of the Arca Labs Dashboard. You will receive an email once your identity has been verified. Your wallet will then be whitelisted to receive ArCoin from the previous holder.

Transferring ArCoin: ArCoin may be transferred peer-to-peer using a medium of exchange deemed appropriate by the two transacting parties. At this time, peer-to-peer transactions must be arranged by two interested parties.

Who can buy ArCoin?

Currently, ArCoin are available for purchase by U.S. Persons, including individuals over the age of 18 who are either U.S. citizens or permanent U.S. residents, and any U.S. corporations, partnerships or similar organizations. There is no requirement that purchasers be either accredited investors or qualified purchasers, as those terms are defined under U.S. securities laws. Arca will continue to evaluate whether ArCoin can be used in any additional jurisdictions, in light of local securities laws and other applicable regulations. Please note, if purchasing through the ArCoin website, the minimum investment is $1,000.

Do I need to undergo AML/KYC to own ArCoin?

All ArCoin holders will have to undergo AML/KYC and will have to set up an account with the Fund’s transfer agent, Securitize. ArCoin holders must provide an Ethereum wallet address that will be whitelisted and used to hold ArCoin.

What wallets support ArCoin?

ArCoin operates on Ethereum. In addition to ArCoin's custody partners listed on the home page, investors can select an ERC compatible wallet for their ArCoin to be minted into. Note that if you choose a wallet which does not support ArCoin, there is a strong likelihood that the wallet will not identify your tokens as ArCoin. Please check with your wallet provider if you have questions regarding wallet compatibility.

*Please note only the enterprise BitGo wallets support ArCoin custody.

Is there a minimum amount of ArCoin I need to purchase?

If purchasing directly from the Fund, the minimum purchase amount is $1,000. Subsequent investments may be made in any amount above a dollar. If you are purchasing ArCoin from another ArCoin holder, the transaction will be negotiated between the parties and there is no minimum amount that must be purchased.

How do I edit my wallet address?

You can add a myriad of wallets to your account by visiting the Arca Labs Dashboard > Portfolio > Wallets.

If your tokens were minted to a wallet address which does not currently support ArCoin, you can email and we will assist in getting your ArCoin to a new wallet. Please check with your wallet provider if you have questions regarding wallet compatibility.

What if I’ve lost my private keys or my ArCoin?

Please contact the Fund’s transfer agent, Securitize LLC, at for further support.

How many ArCoin will I get when they are minted?

ArCoin are minted in an investor's wallet typically an hour after close of market (4pm ET). This is when the net asset value (NAV) of the Fund is calculated by the Fund's administrator, Ultimus Fund Solutions, LLC. The NAV is the daily price of a share of a closed-end fund.  The NAV of ArCoin is calculated by taking the total value of the Fund's portfolio of assets, minus any liabilities, and dividing it by the number of ArCoin outstanding to get a per share NAV. 

Redeeming Questions

How often can I redeem my ArCoin?

The Arca U.S. Treasury Fund has a fundamental policy to make monthly offers to shareholders to repurchase a portion of its common shares. Subject to the review and approval of the Fund’s Board of Trustees, the Fund will offer to repurchase between 5% and 25% of the ArCoin outstanding (not to exceed 25% of the Fund’s outstanding shares over a three-month period). Please see the prospectus for more information regarding the repurchase offers. 

Shareholders will receive a monthly notice (to the email associated with their account) on how to tender their shares for repurchase on the first business day of every month.

How will I know when a repurchase date is approaching?

On the first business day of each month will contact all shareholders of the Fund to provide formal notification of the current month's repurchase window, the repurchase process, and detailed instructions on how to request a repurchase of your ArCoin.

How do I redeem my ArCoin?

Repurchase offers will be conducted through the Arca Labs Dashboard. Shareholders will be asked to provide banking information for the repurchase and will need to send their ArCoin to a locked redemption wallet, which will be held in the shareholder’s name with the Transfer Agent until tokens are burned and the proceeds from the share repurchase are distributed. Note, if the redemption request window is still open (i.e. – the Repurchase Request Deadline has not passed), a shareholder may request a portion or all of their ArCoin in their locked redemption wallet be returned to them. To have ArCoin removed from the redemption wallet please contact

Below are all shareholder actions for any given ArCoin redemption: 

Example 1 - No Redemption
An ArCoin shareholder has no requirement to partake in any given monthly redemption. If you wish not to partake in a share redemption, no shareholder action is required. Choosing not to partake in a monthly redemption has no impact on your future ability to redeem ArCoin. 

Example 2 - Partial Redemption
Follow the above steps for ArCoin repurchase, sending only a portion of your ArCoin to your redemption wallet with the Transfer Agent. This partial redemption of ArCoin will be fully fulfilled if aggregate repurchase requests are less than the total amount of the Fund’s repurchase offer. This partial redemption of ArCoin will be partially fulfilled if aggregate repurchase requests are more than the total amount of the Fund’s repurchase offer. 

Example 3 - Partial Redemption Increased
If you submitted for a partial redemption and want to increase the amount of ArCoin eligible for said monthly redemption period, you may, before the Repurchase Request Deadline, return to the Arca Labs Dashboard and submit more ArCoin to your locked redemption wallet. 

Example 4 - Partial Redemption Decreased / Cancel
Contact Securitize at to decrease the amount of ArCoin you have sent to your locked redemption account or to fully cancel your redemption. Securitize will work with you to get a portion or all of your ArCoin back to your original wallet. You may only make such a request before the Repurchase Request Deadline. 

Example 5 - Full Redemption
To submit ArCoin for a full redemption, send all of your ArCoin to the locked redemption wallet via the process above. This full redemption of ArCoin will be entirely fulfilled if aggregate repurchase requests are less than the total amount of the Fund’s repurchase offer. This full redemption of ArCoin will be partially fulfilled if aggregate repurchase requests are more than the total amount of the Fund’s repurchase offer.

Are there any fees associated with redeeming my ArCoin?

There are no repurchase fees imposed by the Fund. However, if a shareholder would like to participate in a share repurchase, they will be required to send their ArCoin to a locked redemption wallet in their name. In order to send a “peer-to-peer” transaction of ArCoin on the Ethereum blockchain, the shareholder is responsible for paying gas fees (transaction fees) imposed by the Ethereum blockchain.

Is there a limit on the amount of ArCoin I can redeem at one time?

The Arca U.S. Treasury Fund will make a repurchase offer for between 5% and 15% of outstanding ArCoin on a monthly basis, so long as the amount of monthly share repurchase offers do not exceed 25% of the Fund’s outstanding shares over a three-month period. The Fund will fulfill all repurchase requests up to the maximum amount as pre-determined by the Fund’s Board of Trustees. If the holders of ArCoin in the aggregate submit repurchase requests for more than the total amount of the Fund’s repurchase offer, the Fund may, but is not required to, repurchase an additional amount of shares not to exceed 2% of outstanding ArCoin in any three-month period. If the Fund determines not to repurchase more than the Repurchase Offer Amount, or if shareholders tender shares in an amount exceeding the Repurchase Offer Amount plus 2% of the outstanding shares on the Repurchase Request Deadline, the Fund shall repurchase shares on a pro rata basis, subject to limited exceptions set forth in the prospectus. In this scenario, ArCoin in excess of the eligible repurchase amount will be returned to their shareholder’s wallet address. 

What is the repurchase price of ArCoin?

The repurchase price of ArCoin will be the Net Asset Value (NAV) of the Fund as of the close of regular trading on the New York Stock Exchange on the “Repurchase Pricing Date.” The Repurchase Pricing Date is the same day that the redemption window closes for the month at hand. Please review the prospectus for more information about the Repurchase Pricing Date. You are able to find the daily NAV at

When will I receive payment for my repurchased ArCoin?

Once the redemption request window has closed, given the repurchase request is in good order, the Fund’s Transfer Agent will issue a payment to the corresponding shareholder’s bank account. Details of the payment date can be found in the prospectus. Payments will occur within seven calendar days of the Repurchase Pricing Date. Payments for ArCoin will be sent via ACH or Signet. There is no need to signal which payment method you would like to receive. If you enter a Signet bank account, it will be recognized as such.

Support Questions

What are the steps to take if I feel like my account has been compromised?

Immediately contact the Transfer Agent at The Transfer Agent will freeze your account and investigate the reported issues. The Transfer Agent may establish a new account and replace your ArCoin or take other actions as outlined in the Fund’s prospectus.

What should I do if I lost my wallet’s private keys?

Contact the Transfer Agent at After an investigation, the Transfer Agent will burn your ArCoin and replace them in your newly established wallet. You can learn more about this process in the Fund’s prospectus.

An investor should carefully consider the investment objectives, risks, charges, and expenses of the Arca US Treasury Fund before investing. This and other important information is available in the Fund’s prospectus, which should be reviewed carefully prior to investing. To obtain a prospectus, please visit or call 1-800-445-3148. 

The Fund’s Annual Operating Expense Ratio, as reflected in the current prospectus is 3.22%, however, Management has entered into an expense limitation agreement pursuant to which the Fund’s expenses will not exceed 0.75% for the first year after the effective date of the Fund’s prospectus.  For more details relating to the fund’s expenses, please review the prospectus.  

No assurance can be given that the Fund will achieve its investment objective, and investment results may vary substantially over time and from period to period.  

An investment in the Fund involves risk, including loss of principal. An investment in the Fund is suitable only for investors who can bear the risks associated with limited liquidity in the shares and the uncertainty of emerging technologies and should be viewed as a long-term investment.  

Other risks specifically associated with the Arca U.S. Treasury Fund are detailed in the prospectus and include no history of operations risk, conflict of interest risk, interval fund risk, no minimum amount of proceeds risk, fund closure risk, liquidity risk, tax related risks, credit and non-payment risk, interest rate risk, portfolio management risk, market risk, repurchase agreement risk, portfolio turnover risk, call risk, valuation risk and issuer risk.   

The Arca U.S. Treasury Fund is the first registered funds to offer digital securities and there are additional risks associated with this feature of the Fund, including regulatory risk, liquidity risk, emerging technology risk, operational and technology risk, and risks specifically associated with Ethererum blockchain.  There is the risk that management may be unable to successfully use blockchain technology to validate ownership and transfer ArCoin. 

For details regarding all of the risks described above, please review the

Arca Capital Management, LLC (“Arca Capital”) serves as adviser to the Arca U.S. Treasury Fund, and the Fund is distributed by Ceros Financial Services, Inc., Member FINRA/SIPC (“Ceros”).  Arca Capital and Ceros are not affiliated.